My name is Brian F Adams, (not the singer from Canada) and I’m an Internet Marketing entrepreneur. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and grew up in Tarzana, CA (a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles). Tarzana is on the site of a former ranch owned by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, and it is named after his fictional jungle hero, Tarzan.

I spent my college years and 5 years thereafter in the music industry (performing, recording, and traveling), but eventually met my wife and needed to settle down from the “glamorous” Rock and Roll lifestyle.

I always wanted to be in sales (big commissions), so I thought I might as well sell one of the most expensive and sought after commodities – Houses. Yep, get into the Real Estate business and don’t look back.

After 30 years (and selling over 4,000 properties) as a Real Estate Broker/Investor, and with the marketplace blowing up once again due to the Mortgage & RE meltdown in 2006, I decided I’d had enough of the grind and wanted to try just working from home on my own schedule.

Well, working from home typically means on the Internet with a computer, so that is what I got into. I was building websites for small to medium-size local businesses to start out the journey. It did help that I was a computer science major in college and had a programming background.

Now, it’s over 12 years later, and I still work from home but as an Affiliate Marketer and I love it immensely. The lifestyle many us desire can be achieved by learning, applying, and never giving up. If I can do it, anybody can.

Training and Learning The Ropes

Don’t get me wrong, I spent thousands of dollars (more like $20,000+) on courses, products, & software. Some were good, most not so good, but it all got better with time.

I have had a few mentors along the way helping me to get to the next level, but my goals are much bigger now. After all, I now have a granddaughter to save money for. Hey, college and living ain’t cheap and my kids can always use help. My next goal is 7 figures in one year! Big goal, yea and it can be done for sure.

An excellent mentor I highly recommend everyone gets started with is John Thornhill’s Partnership 2 Success program. It is a bit costly, but no investment no gain.

I know of no one who one ever got rich from reading a $7.00 eBook or a $27.00 affiliate product! This program is the only one you need to invest in to succeed online today.

Stop shiny object syndrome and invest in a program that absolutely works!

If you’re into being successful within the digital age then keep reading my Blog. I will provide some valuable tips and tricks I learned over the last 12 years.

Please check back often, and I will continuously update this new blog with great Internet Marketing Information.

Bye for now.

Brian F Adams Internet Marketer