Your First $1000 Month

There are dozens and dozens of ways of earning money with an online business. But as a beginner or someone just starting out, there is a tendency to fall into the trap of overloading yourself with just too much information.

You will want to try to do everything at one time and unfortunately, that will do nothing but frustrate and slow down the earning process. It’s great to have passion, but you can easily find yourself spinning your wheels and chasing every shiny product and program to try to get to that goal of $1,000 a month.

It’s definitely best to start your business by focusing on just ONE thing to learn and earn from. Over time you will definitely want to learn many ways to bring in the bacon and diversify your income streams, but not at the start. Doing so will, like I said, just result in frustration as well as time and effort lost for months or years while you are trying, testing, and learning this business.

All you need is to focus your efforts on that one thing and get started. So, in order to make that first $1,000 from your marketing and business-building efforts, simply choose one money making model and stick to that. This way you will be learning to walk first, rather than trying to run and win the race at all once.

I would suggest Affiliate Marketing is probably the very best business model for newbies (your one thing) for the following reasons:

  • You don’t need to create any products or programs of your own which takes a lot of time, expense, and finding others to promote your products.
  • Your initial investment costs are very low and only about $40 or less per month to maintain it all (hosting, domain, autoresponder service).
  • Getting up & running can be extremely fast. You can launch your affiliate website or lead pages in less than a day.
  • There are thousands of products ready for you to sell immediately with sales pages, ads, email swipes, content, and images all done for you. Plus if you get stuck you can contact the product developer for additional tools or help with promoting their stuff.

Always remember though that when you get your affiliate business going, you will need to drive targeted traffic to your offers and for the first month or so you may see just a few sales, depending on your traffic methods used. Your business efforts will snowball over time as you build your list and future months will be looking good as you continue to learn and implement your affiliate marketing efforts.

Once you have your new business earning that $1000 or more per month, it’s time to take on another marketing technique to build additional revenue generators for prolonged success.

Get started and stick to whatever model you choose, and always keep going.

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