Article Directory Submission/Posting – A Key To Success?

Oh yes, it is, and it can be free or for just a small cost. Website/blog owners should be on a mission every day to get as much free traffic as possible to their internet business. They should also be creating original content for the same reason. If you can submit your articles to directory services where people and other webmasters are searching for topics like yours, you will get traffic back AND a link which is so important to your Google page rank score.

SEO, whether online or offsite is great for traffic but does take time when done correctly. Growing back-links organically and naturally is what your website needs to get visitors/traffic. So after making sure your website/blog has the onsite SEO completed (use WordPress for your site to have it all in a simple plugin) you need to concentrate on that all-important back-linking.

You can pay for links from hopefully honest and real SEO guys, (and hope they stick and don’t kill your site) or just do it yourself by using what are called Article Submission Services. Companies (websites) that allow you to place a good original article on their platform and include a link back to your site. Make sure your article is high quality but don’t give away all the information in that simple article. Always leave the reader wanting to learn more from your website.

Not into writing your own articles? Well, you can always have someone write articles for you at a cost of $10-$50 for something halfway decent. You’ll still need to proofread and spell check as most of these article writers are banging them out as fast as possible due to them all exchanging hours for money. Actually, a good article writer should just get into the internet marketing business and they would do well but some people like or have to work for others.

Or you can use private label rights (PLR) and rewrite the article in your own words. Never try to use PLR straight away as it will not work. Make sure your newly rewritten article passes so to be truly original. It should only take about an hour to put together a nice 500-800 word article once you’ve done it a few times.

This traffic method works in 2019 and beyond because most marketers are lazy and won’t even try it. The more content out there the more eyeballs on your business. Get found online with your original content that will be used and enjoyed by thousands of potential customers.

Here’s a list of some good Submission/Posting Services so you can get going with it today.

and there are so many, many more. Just do a search and find all the relevant submission and posting websites you will ever need.

Take Action & Results will follow.

Go ahead and comment below or email me anytime with questions you may have.

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