Always Try To Over-Deliver

So, you want to start running a profitable internet marketing business. With just under two billion websites on the internet today, and hundreds of thousands of internet marketing newsletters alone, where does a person even start?

As a savvy business marketer, you probably are already aware of the fact that repeat customers will be the mainstay of your online business. It’s much easier to keep a customer than find a new one. Costs less too. And great internet marketers also know that “Happy Customers” can become the best source of viral traffic from your marketing efforts.

So you ask – What does that have to do with Over-Delivering? You’ve probably heard the quote “Keep The Customer Happy!”

But what exactly do I mean by this over-delivering thing?

First, you need to under-promise a bit. Always ensure that you’re telling the potential customer the honest truth regarding the product or service they will be receiving, but it’s OK to be a bit conservative in estimating any type of monetary projections and time expectations for results.

Claims such as Making $5K in one week is not the way to promote offers even if it were possible.

Use restraint, simplicity, and clarity with your commitments and results claims. You don’t want to make strict promises and burden your relationships. Make your products better with extras that you can deliver when the time calls for.

Next, deliver something even better than what you have originally promised. (Like Bonuses)

And finally, deliver more than promised and of a superior quality then what your customer is probably expecting.

This will allow your customer base to be contacted often. They will now want to hear from you and often.

Over Delivering Strategy by

Now, for Over-Delivering.

Since your new customer has just received a really excellent quality product you promoted and maybe also received a bonus (or two) to go with and alongside it, you can then send another highly unexpected bonus to them later through your email auto subscriber system.

Just send them a download link to another really valuable/related bonus to their purchase again to their email from your buyers list a few days later.

You will want to do this several more times over a period of a few weeks or a few months.

Within each email, remember to thank your customer for his original purchase, and let them know this new bonus or bonuses are your way of saying thank you for being your customer and for their business.

This is an easy but valuable method of building customer goodwill and loyal satisfaction with you as a marketer.

Make sure to distribute the unexpected bonuses out to them over a bit of time as mentioned above. This will allow them to really “dig into” your free bonuses.

You definitely do not want to send all bonuses at one time because the customer is then just likely to download everything to their hard drive where it will never be looked at or used. Spread them out over time to benefit their business and get your own information again before their eyes.

Another method that you can use with your related bonuses sent after the initial sale is to let them know you will be sending another bonus out to them in their email in the next few days/week.

This will make your new customer expect your emails and can also prevent refunds when they know they will be receiving some good free bonus information from you. They know that if they cancel and refund their original order they will not be receiving any of your bonuses.

Try these tips and you will easily become known as a marketer who “Over-Delivers”. That’s definitely a very good thing for you and your business success.

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