Can IM get you rich quick?

The funny answer is maybe, but probably not.

There are a number of individuals who have made considerable amounts of money online in a relatively short period of time, but being realistic, it is probably not going to happen to most.

There are loads of marketers out there claiming to offer “super-easy” strategies and programs to earn fast income, but truth be told that making money online takes a lot of work. The big difference with online marketing is that with this type of work, you will never have to punch a time card and the only physical task in this endeavor is using your keyboard to type. Nice!

Understand that most people (that would include me lol) are generally lazy. Everyone wants a magic button or something for nothing, living the dream life on the beach, the lifestyle of the wealthy, but very few will do what is required to actually have that happen.

Marketers know this and will simply capitalize by creating their advertising to appeal to everyone’s greed, the easy way, or just simply the desperation of individuals, and will cause many to be led to their claims of fortune because we all want to believe them.

How do I know this? Because I have been a victim to this trap myself. Who doesn’t want to barely lift a finger and make boatloads of money? Well, I can tell you there is no magic push-button way to create wealth online or anywhere for that matter.

I also know that there are some claims of wealth online that are absolutely true (but far and few between), and also I know that most marketers will oversimplify the task to hook people into the sale of the product they are promoting.

There are literally thousands of ways to make money online, but the hard part of this internet marketing game is for you to find a strategy that will work for you and then sticking to it. Don’t end up spinning your wheels for weeks and months (even years) jumping from one idea to the next called “shiny object syndrome”, or quitting if the results you had in mind aren?t achieved within a short period of time.

Once you have decided on your niche, conduct thorough research on it. Adequate research is a very important key to becoming successful online. Also, I highly recommend and encourage you to find others in your field for guidance as it can shorten your development and improve your money-making business by following an expert. It also will provide motivation for you and the answers that will come up when you get stuck.

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