Copywriting and How to Write a Killer Ad

Copywriting is an extremely important part of your business and when marketing any type of product or service.

Good sales copy can definitely make or break having a visitor click-through (to whatever you are selling) or leave your page shortly after reaching it. And this goes for Online or Offline Marketing.

Having a well-written ad copy will mean the difference between having success or failure in the product promotion you offer.

Here are some great tips and insight into writing very powerful advertising in an effort to maximize your product or promotion sales.

The Basics

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1) Understand Your Customers Needs

It is always important to understand the intent of your potential customer and even their business background information. Are they newbies, experienced, knowledge gainers, freebie seekers, just surfing? What brought them to your page? This understanding will help in targeting your customer audience.

2) The Product Itself

You better know all about the product you will be promoting. A good understanding helps to find more about your customers and the target audience.

Know the answers to the benefits, objectives, and results of the product in finding the best points to place in your copy. Just what will the product help with or resolve in your customers’ pain or needs?

3) The Target Audience

Age and lifestyle are two important factors to consider in your audience selection. Maybe location, skill levels, experience, price point, etc. as well.

4) Stick to the Four “P”s

First of all, keep it simple but powerful and to the point with your ads. Use of the Four Advertising “P”s to outline and form your sales pages or ads.

What are the four “P”s –

  • Get to the customers “Problem” and how it affects them.
  • Make a “Promise” that you have the solution to that issue.
  • Provide them with “Proof” that the product will work for them too.
  • And “Proposal”, show the customer how to get started immediately (click here) and offer a 30-day guarantee or one-on-one help.

5) Keep It Simple

Stay on point and make it simple for them to proceed. There is no need for book long presentations on your sales pages. Likewise, many products are sold with simple squeeze type pages and short 3 line text ads, but it is the copy that will make the difference to your sales when done correctly.

Writing powerful ads will be the key to maximize your selling and your business. Above all, remember that a poor ad can unsell an otherwise excellent product, but an effectively written ad copy can likely make a mediocre product sell like hotcakes.

FYI: Furthermore, try never to promote mediocre products in the first place, or your customers will not be coming back! LOL

Learning the art of copywriting and constructing powerful ads is the key to maximum sales. Therefore, just keep at it and you will get better with each time you commit to writing your next sales letter, page, or ads.

Great Copywriting along with SEO can go hand and hand for more traffic and sales.

Any questions you may have just make a comment below or drop an email to me.

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