Customer Service Using Autoresponders

In the offline world, performing customer service is usually done on a one on one basis, or face to face. That’s great for the offline world, but on the internet, that can not be achieved in the same manner obviously.

Your customers or buyers of your products can literally be anywhere around the globe (the internet is worldwide of course) so there is just no way you could ever deal with each one of them on an individual basis.

That is why we have to employ the wonderful silent partner software called “the Autoresponder”.

Your customer service when using an autoresponder is really very simple and will make your job a breeze. After an order for your product is placed, your autoresponder will send out the receipt of the purchase transaction, the information for allowing the buyer to access their product(s), and a ‘thank you’ email for the purchase.

This will all take place in one email sequence or followup series whether or not you are even on connected to your computer. Hell, you could be laying on the sand at some exotic beach on the other side of the globe and your autoresponder takes care of it all for you. Nice!

That’s not where your customer service should end though. There are times when additional customer service will be needed. Maybe the download area or even the customer’s computer does not deliver the product the way we intended. These things can happen on the internet and technology around it. Maybe the client customer needs additional service or has a question about the product purchased and no one is available to help them.

So, you could easily set up an additional autoresponder sequence to send out anticipated Question and Answers regarding the product purchased or how to get it working perfectly for them. You should also set up a “support” autoresponder.

When anyone sends in a message to your support, they should immediately receive an instant message back informing them the message was received by the support and that it will be answered as soon as possible. (always respond within 24-48 hours at the latest)

This will allow a measure of confidence and comfort and usually, the customer will wait the required support time. Be sure to handle these matters ASAP, to keep the best customer service experience and prevent refunds. Always strive to be responding within 24 hours or sooner!

The biggest difference between a happy customer and an angry customer is simply one autoresponder message that can be set up literally in 10 minutes! Always think the ordering process or your funnel completely through and allow for any problems that could be anticipated by your customers. Always have your autoresponder set up to address any problems they may encounter and your customers will be happy and loyal as your autoresponder does the job you design it to do.

Pro Tip: Always attend to any potential problems head-on and as fast as possible to keep the customer satisfied & happy. Never put off answering any questions that come up!

Please comment below if you have questions or send an email to me at any time!

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