What is a Sales Page?

What Makes a GREAT Sales Page?

A compelling headline

  • Encourage visitors to read more
  • Focus on what your customers are getting
  • Bold, true promises

A fascinating lead in

  • Put the most important things at the top (1st fold)
  • Get their attention
  • Hit a pain point with a solution

Benefit-driven subheadings

  • They know what the offer is, so now wow them with benefits
  • Benefits beyond the product
  • Appeal to what your customers want

The Importance of Images/Video

Embrace the mockup

  • 3D versions for books, DVDs, videos
  • Niche images

Screenshot tools

  • Use your own images and mask

Video tools

  • Talking head vs. screen share (or both)
  • Intro/outro
  • Call to action

Importance of a shared image

Convince Your Visitors to TAKE ACTION

Have a clear CALL TO ACTION

  • Contrasting button
  • Clear wording WITH PRICING
  • A bit pushy

Make a guarantee

  • 7/30/60 days
  • Money back
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • No questions asked


  • Signature
  • Relationship
  • Trust

Make the Sales Decision Easy

Add testimonials

 Thank you

  • Used product
  • No testimonials?

Share your stats

  • Sales/units sold/users
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Awards

Share your story

  • About us
  • How you got started
  • Why you got started

FREEBIE:    Traffic…traffic…traffic

Make your ads relevant

Web design = web design

Dog training = dog training

Children’s daycare = children’s daycare

Align it to your audience



Speaks English/speaks Italian

Highlight the best benefit

What pain point does it hit the best?

Can your product solve it?


Quality images are important!

Hire someone if you cannot do it!!


Sales page elements

  • An attention-grabbing and punchy headline
  • A sub-headline that describes who your product is for and why it’s


  • Make use of GREAT images/video, share an image
  • Relatable text that shows the value in your product
  • Case studies, stats, or real-life results from your product
  • Testimonials or social proof
  • A money-back guarantee
  • Tested and working enrollment buttons

Now let us build one in Cheetah!

  • Panel with an attention-getting headline and subheadline
  • How we can use images
  • Text panels
  • Stats panel
  • Testimonials
  • Guarantee panel
  • Buttons
  • Super checkout
  • Footer
  • Thank you page

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If you have any questions at all, please comment below or shoot me an email.
Thanks, Brian

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