Paid vs. Free Traffic

There are a few reasons I actually prefer paid traffic as opposed to free traffic when looking to promote my affiliate links or products.

The simple and first reason is you can get results immediately. Launch a new campaign today and see whether or not it will be profitable within 24-48 hours. Immediate Results!

As opposed to content marketing, writing blog posts/articles or dropping comments on websites in your niche which could take months (even years) to build up your following to your blog.

Or SEO, which can work great but you have to trade your time and the work that’s involved to see the results. Also possibly taking months or years unless you get very lucky and a post goes viral!

You’re also waiting and hoping you get your blog or website ranked by Google and the other search engines and when you do, you are depending on them to send traffic to your pages.

Speaking from experience, I have built and ranked sites for loads of local businesses and in doing so was constantly having to hope that Google’s latest algorithm and search engine ranking updates such as “Panda” wouldn’t affect their rankings. Sometimes it did of course and more work had to be done to get them back on page one. Usually, more back-links helped push it back up.

Now with paid traffic (if you have the money to invest) you can get making money from your work faster and see the results almost immediately. Just take caution if you go in too much you could also lose money just as quickly. Always test the source with just enough to get a decent amount of clicks prior to spending your whole wallet. You can do just like $5/day on Facebook and Bing to start. With good paid traffic whether it be Solo Ads, Pay Per Click, Native ads, etc., you can easily ramp up your budget to produce even 5 figures profit in a single day. (or more)

There is an endless supply of traffic on the internet. You can receive as much traffic as you can handle. And actually, it’s the easiest part of this whole affiliate marketing business. Although many people think it’s the hardest.

If you stick with me in my upcoming posts, I will give you the secrets of how to pull it all together AND not lose your shirt in the making of your own affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for reading.

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