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There’s an old saying in the internet marketing world and it actually needs to be followed by everyone. “You will not be able to promote anything online without first capturing the email addresses of your website visitors.”

If you don’t, your website traffic will pass right on by, and you will have no way to follow up with visitors or even know who they are, let alone get them back to your website or your product offers.

Most first time visitors will have no intention of buying from you. They’re probably just casual internet surfers looking for information. It actually takes an average of seven exposures to your product or new idea before anyone will purchase. They need to know, like and trust you first.

So, this means you will need a way to follow up with your website visitors and also build what will become your most valuable business asset, an email list for future marketing over and over.

You need an automated salesperson working on your website and business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It will continue to follow up with your prospects and clients just as you have instructed it to do until the time when your prospect opts out.

However, your autoresponder will be adding new prospects and clients to your ongoing database being stored automatically for you.

The “magic” tool to accomplish all this and much, much more is the trusty old autoresponder software.

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An autoresponder will become the backbone of your internet marketing business. It will capture and maintain the email database that you should be collecting from your websites. Your autoresponder service will allow you to create a script (form) that can be placed on your sites to capture names, email, and any other info you would like from your visitors.

Then, by starting a campaign within the software, you can set up a series of emails to engage with your email list for sending them information, tips, and product or services recommendations (or anything else).

You could be offering a free newsletter or a course promoting information relative to your website and the niche you are marketing in.

If you offer your visitors something of value for free, more people will be apt to opt-in to your email list, and then you have the ability with your autoresponder to “broadcast” a message at any time in the future.

With a good email list, you can make many hundreds or thousands of dollars with a single email broadcast out to your entire list in just a couple days time. The money-making opportunities are really quite endless after you have acquired a decent size email list in your autoresponder client.

So, how does an affiliate or internet marketer get a hold of an autoresponder you ask? If you want to have one on your own website you can obtain a plugin or script to do the task for you. This is not what I would recommend though as there are issues that can arise as far as bandwidth, server settings, and more that can make it more difficult for you. It’s easier and best to use a third-party service such as AWeber or GetResponse (both have free trials)

and which are set up with all the bells & whistles to make your email marketing a breeze. There are a few free services such as MailChimp but they have limited list and send capabilities without upgrading to the paid versions.

They all usually come with ready-made email templates, forms, and even sales/squeeze page templates already designed for use. These third-party platforms charge monthly fees depending on the size of your email list but allow for multiple websites and the sending of multiple campaigns. This is the one expense that will pay back many times over and is crucial to your business success. When your list gets bigger, yes the monthly fees go up, but your monthly income will be growing exponentially.

Invest in a good autoresponder service today if you do not have one already for your website properties. It will pay for itself tenfold and keep your email list safe and very profitable. Like they also say: “The money is in the list”. How true, but it means nothing without a good autoresponder!

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