Using Pop-Up Windows On Your Website

Pop-up windows use to be the flavor of the day and the usage of them just a few years ago became the rage for internet marketers. It became so crazy that every time you would visit a website, visitors were literally bombarded with an offer for this product or that course. It actually got to the point whereby surfing on the web became just like playing a video game. You had to close this one and try to dart away from that one before pop, another one is on the way. It got totally out of control!

Today, they have mostly disappeared from websites as most visitors will actually pay little attention or not even look at what the pop-up is about. Many website surfers will just leave the website immediately if they encounter too many pop-up ads. Nobody wants to be hassled by having to close windows while they are trying to gather the information that you are offering in your website content.

Studies show though that a pop-up window can still be a very effective method for marketers when done correctly.

The best way to keep your pop-up window from being irritating to your visitors is when it is displayed to the visitor when they leave your website rather than immediately out of the gate when first arriving on your content pages.

By doing just this, your visitor has now obtained the information they were wanting from your website and also was able to come and go quickly without being hassled with numerous advertisements. They are leaving with a positive experience and will be more open to responding to your pop advertising upon leaving.

This can be accomplished by using pop-under windows. The ad will be opened up behind your website page (browser) when a visitor first stops by, and then when leaving the site (after obtaining the great content they were looking for) your ad will display and they should be more receptive to responding to that advert.

Always make sure your pop-up or pop-under window is easy to get out of and escape from. If the visitor doesn’t really want to view your advertisement and can’t find a way to close out of it, they will become frustrated and never return to your website.

Use a big “X” that is easily seen by the viewer or a large button for easy exiting the window. Also, be sure whatever script you use for your pop windows that it utilizes “cookies” so that the pop windows don’t keep opening on a refresh of a visited page.

Never use more than one pop-window on a page and when designing the advertisement, you can increase the effectiveness by using a large headline that quickly captures the benefits that would appeal to your website visitor. Offer an incentive such as an eBook or free information to grab whatever your offer is and keep the message short in your advertisement.

By keeping your messages short but powerful, your pop windows will be doing their job and generating more profits for your website.

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