Video Marketing in 2020 and beyond is one of the best ways to drive Free Traffic.

But, you must have your video content optimized for the search engines though or you will just be another video out of Millions watched on YouTube today. But it’s not just YouTube where people watch videos:

Facebook gets over 500 million people watching videos every day, and there are 10 billion video views on Snapchat daily! Oh, and Twitter has 82% of viewers watch daily.

Video content is only going to get even bigger in the next few years so go get some now.

The only thing is you need to get views to your videos. And with Millions of videos on YouTube, you need to be seen. So how is it done?  with Search Engine Optimization SEO.

The same way the article Titles that you have on your website/blog will have keywords that you’re looking to rank highly for, your video Title is going to need the same in order to rank.

The description section below your video is also taken into consideration by search engines like Google. Google owns YouTube so you would like to get positioned on both search formats. YouTube is the 2nd highest used search engine online.

The general idea here is still the same. Avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure your keywords are actually relevant. Name your video (the uploaded file name) the same as the Title of the video.

Typically, the best descriptions are those that accurately explain your video in conjunction with keywords.

By doing some keyword research, you can pick out long-tail keywords and get them ranked pretty easily. Have a good description and add in your link back to your money pages or website at the start of the description area. The first line should start out: https://YourMoneySite.

Make sure you add in relevant tags after your description too. Also, be sure to use an eye-catching thumbnail (red or yellow stand out) to grab the viewers’ attention.

There are 100’s of YouTube-related products available that can make this whole process easier, but you can just as well do it all for free.

Good Luck and don’t stop at just one video! More videos mean more free traffic!

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