Internet Marketing and Traffic, Keeping It Simple

Do you ever feel like you’re in way over your head?

Getting involved with an internet marketing venture can & will at times, especially at the start, leave you feeling overwhelmed. That is perfectly normal and not something to be afraid of.

You have so much to learn and so many things to do, and so many “gurus” that will be selling you on the “secret” to making millions with online marketing. It definitely can become mind-boggling for many.

Well then, what’s the “secret” to internet marketing and making a living online? The answer is: “There Is No Secret”.

What you will find out though is that there is, unfortunately, something called information overload. Loads of strategies & various techniques and while some of these things will work for some people, they just may not work at all for someone else.

So instead of trying to gain all kinds of knowledge and master the art of traffic generation all at once, go get a quick overview of marketing techniques, decide which one (maybe two at most) you would like to try out first. Then get the knowledge and or skills to put that technique into place and see just how that works out for you. You can then review your stats, see just what works and what doesn’t, and then tweak your game plan to make your advertising campaigns more effective and profitable.

Your efforts should be concentrated on getting your content pages into the search engines either through on & off-page SEO, or pay per click search engine marketing. Most of your traffic will be coming from the search engines (unless you have an email list) to your website, so having numerous listing results and decent keyword traffic can be vital to your success.

This organic search engine traffic can be achieved from optimizing your website with relevant keywords, incoming link building, and having your pages submitted to the engines. Always have good relevant content and use a plugin like SEO Yoast for help with tags, titles, and meta descriptions.

You can read more about SEO techniques on this page: On-Page SEO

If you want to get traffic immediately, then pay-per-click marketing will simplify the process for your traffic generation and you will be bidding on keywords using a search engine platform like Google Adwords. This will eliminate relying on your website optimization which is definitely much more challenging and time-consuming. It can take months for your SEO efforts to kick in.

SEO, PPC, YouTube, Forum/Blog Posting, Social Media Ads, etc. will have you pulled in too many directions if used all at once. After perfecting one strategy, you can move on to the next, continually strengthening your internet marketing efforts.

You will always be much more effective if you stick with the pursuit of one marketing technique at a time. Stay focused and whatever you do, don’t keep jumping from product or technique to look for an easier way. Perfect one strategy, then move on to add another, and this will continue to strengthen your business and your results.

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