This new personal blog of mine has been a long time in the making. How True!

After my now 12+ years experience in building websites, apps, & eCommerce stores for loads of local & national customers, plus selling tons of Internet Marketing, Work From Home, Biz Opps, and Affiliate Products, I really never felt the need to have a personal blog. SAY WHAT?

Don’t get me wrong, I have always had a corporate website ( to have my business presence on the web, but never a personal blog. That changes today.

I just joined forces with John Thornhill from Partnership 2 Success (an incredible mentoring program that can take any newbie to successful Internet Marketer). The money is in product creation and it’s easier than you think.

I purchased his program myself because even after years of making money with just my computer, I still continue to invest in select teachings to gain new knowledge. The internet changes daily, and we all must continue to learn. Helps us make more money too.

John is not the 1st mentor to tell me I should have a personal blog, (actually the 3rd) but he is now definitely the last one who will.

Follow my blog stories as I will be sharing valuable information and tips/tricks on how this whole Internet Business works. The real way!

Thanks for stopping by.

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