Why Sell Information Products Online?

ANSWER: You Can Do It For Free!

You only need your brain & a computer which obviously you’re reading this post so you’ve got it covered. Time will be needed as well because you must do research to make sure the information you will be selling has a strong marketplace need. A Commerical value is what way say. Something that people will want and/or need to buy.

Whatever you end up deciding to create will then be called a “Positive Cashflow Asset” once it starts selling. That product whether it be an eBook, Video Course, Software, etc. can go on to sell for years and what you created and distribute was virtually done for free or maybe a very small cost. People can start a business online with $100 bucks or less. Incredible!

I come from a Real Estate background and learned early on that you need to create assets to enjoy cash flow and sustainability over time. For me, that was, of course, investing in what I already was selling and either renting the property out for long term cash flow or by purchasing a fix and flip type asset for immediate (well maybe a few months) gains. They say Internet Websites are Digital Real Estate and yes that is very true. Your internet properties whether that is your websites/blogs or products you create are all your virtual real estate holdings.

Creating information products can be fast and easy. Hell, I am writing this blog post that will take maybe an hour after spell check and such, and I could add it to other posts or articles I have created and package it up in an ebook or maybe even a mini IM course and create my next “Positive Cashflow Asset”.

Because my business is digital and will be on a web server, I really only need a few items to run the whole thing and they are all inexpensive. A hosting package so I can have my website or landing pages, an autoresponder, and my digital product, which will be downloaded to the customer immediately when purchased.

You don’t need to sell physical products and worry about fulfillment and deliverability, just go with digital products and make it simple. It’s virtually all profit you will be making. Look at it this way – A very talented person may earn say $100.00 an hour which would be $200,000 per year. Yea that’s a great living but what if they want or need more? They are limited in their earning capacity. There are only so many hours in a day to work. By the way, making 200K in the RE business I had to work way more than 40 hours a week until I started investing & developing those Positive Cashflow Assets we are speaking about.

That’s why an online business is a great way to do the same and because you can leverage your time. Your assets will be available for sale 24 hours a day and you can create as many as you want. It’s the perfect business model and was not available just over 20 or so years ago. A 24 Hour Money Machine that will never die!

Another great thing is there are numerous types of delivering your products either in eBooks, Audio Products, Software or Videos and all of these types can be done for free (or extremely cheap). You surely don’t need any special I.T. skills as many product makers are not technology-driven or tech-inclined to say. If you need help with anything, it is available easily. You could even have the whole creation and production of your product outsourced completely but it will cost some money.

Expert Note: Most every type of product has probably already been done. (I’m sure not all, but many) However, new products are released almost daily and many are just a variation of an old product with an added twist or a unique difference that may improve on the others. Just take action and create your own. The more you create, the more “Positive Cashflow Assets” you will have for sale and yes the money will come in too.

Good luck and as always, comment below or email me for any questions you have.

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