Keyword-Rich Content For Website Promotion

As you continually search for a way to promote your website(s), you are going to find both expensive methods and inexpensive methods to do the job. One of the best and therefore also very popular of the inexpensive options is to make sure you properly use keyword-rich text in your content.

People who are searching the web for something they need most always start by using a search engine such as Google to find the information and websites for what they need.

Your goal as a website owner should always be to get as much of this search traffic to go to your website or content pages as possible. And, with literally hundreds of thousands of people conducting internet searches daily, there can be thousands of potential customers who can be directed to your websites.

By using keyword-rich text in your content, there is a greater chance that these web searchers will get directed to your site through the search engines if you have been successful in getting good rankings for key search terms.

Keyword-Rich Content For SEO Results

Keyword-Rich Content

What I mean by keyword-rich text is that your articles need to contain a high number of different keywords that pertain to the main niche subject chosen by the web surfer.

As an example, if you have a website about dogs, then for search engines to direct web traffic to your listings on the search pages, you should be posting fresh and relevant content with articles that contain such keywords as dogs, dog training, dog obedience, dog walking, etc.

Then, when a particular word is searched for it can be a likely conclusion that your article or website page can be found near the top of the search results if you have included these keywords or phrases in your articles. You need to stay with about 2-5% keyword density though, do not continue to stuff tons of keywords or you could get penalized with lower rankings in the SERPs.

Your Articles and Content

Make your articles easy to read and not overly redundant though, but it can really pay off to use a number of different keywords if you can, without ever compromising or hindering the readability of your content.

Another great way to use keyword rich text is to promote your website by submitting articles to ezines and niche content forums and or databases. This is easily achieved by writing keyword articles and then submitting them to the various free article forums.

Throughout your articles, or at the bottom of the content created, include additional information that can be found by following a link to your website that contains more of the article info. This way while they read the article, you will be giving them the way to visit your page through your link to get that useful information.

When you have decided that writing keyword-rich content is one of the best ways for effective website promotion, you will definitely need to come up with great articles to use for accomplishing this endeavor. If you feel that you are qualified enough to write your own articles then you definitely can go that route first, provided you have the time it takes to craft good content.

Organize Your Text

Firstly, come up with a list of keywords that are the most relevant to the topic and the niche you are promoting within your website. And when doing it, take the approach of what the web user is all about and their point of view. Just think carefully about what words you would be entering into the search bar if you were looking for a website like yours.

Come up with a list of maybe 10 or 20 keywords that you can begin working with. You can then develop specific subjects for each of the keywords and you will also need to create some original titles. Next is writing simple and readable articles that contain between 350-900 words and they need to contain a few of your keywords and phrases multiple times throughout.

Be sure to also use variations of the keywords within the content as well. Include a way for the reader to get in touch with you if they have questions that need to be answered. An email or comment box works great.

If you’re not sure about writing your own content or your creative skills, you can always hire a professional article writer to construct great articles for your use. Be sure to tell them the keywords you want to use so there are no issues.

Using PLR May Get You Started

My favorite way to write my keyword articles is by using PLR content to start with. I have the framework already there and just rewrite in my own words the content to make it fresh and unique. You must never place content that has been used by others on your website and always check your work or that of your copywriters if you hire out by using a program such as CopyScape.

Original content produces great results with keyword-rich articles so keep it going and you will reap the rewards of Google and the other engines who are starving for new unique content. Good Luck and keep writing!

If you have any questions or need help comment below or send me an email.

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